Reshape the Body With After Weight Loss Surgery

People with an extreme obesity condition can choose to undergo bariatric surgery. This procedure is basically designed to reduce the stomach’s size, thereby decreasing its capacity for excessive food intake. Los Angeles Times writer Melissa Healey reports that this procedure has been effective in helping people lose weight, along with other benefits; some experts find them baffling.

“Bariatric surgery appears to set in motion a host of physiological and psychological changes beyond weight loss, in many cases resolving type 2 diabetes, righting problematic cholesterol readings, and not just curbing, but changing, appetites.”

While researchers and scientists are likely to delve further into the mysteries of bariatric surgery and its health benefits, those who have recently underwent such a procedure know that it does have one noticeable side effect: excess hanging skin. Such a result is expected since those who were deemed good candidates for bariatric surgery weighed far beyond their ideal weight, to the point that their skin had been stretched to extreme levels.

After Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Shapes the Body after Bariatric Procedure

Hanging skin in the lower abdominal area is not only unsightly; it also tends to collect moisture between the skin folds, which can lead to skin irritation. A healthy dose of diet and exercise can somewhat minimize the large flaps of loose skin. However, if these people want to flaunt their post-bariatric surgery body by donning a bikini, they can undergo cosmetic surgery in Mexico that specifically aims to tighten sagging skin, especially in the lower body areas like abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Unfortunately, following bariatric surgery, the lower body areas are not the only ones affected by loose skin; upper areas like the face and neck are too. Laugh lines and facial wrinkles become noticeable, and excess skin on the neck becomes apparent. Luckily, those facing the same situation can undergo cosmetic surgery in Mexico to tighten loose facial muscles, smooth out the surface, and remove excess fat from the neck.

Bariatric surgery offers numerous advantages to those who are extremely obese. However, these people have to know that they will be dealing with unsightly hanging skin post-bariatric procedure. Fortunately, board-certified surgeons from expert plastic surgery centers like CosMed Clinic can help tighten loose and sagging skin in different areas of the body. The best part is: they are just a call away.

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