Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

The following story was sent to us by an actual patient of CosMed Clinic Mexico.

Becky traveled from Florida to CosMed Clinic in Tijuana

Becky traveled from Florida to CosMed Clinic in Tijuana

Plastic surgery is a very personal decision, and one that we should not take lightly.  Each of us make this decision for a variety of reasons and I would like to share just bit of my personal experience in my choice to have surgery and to travel to Mexico.

Traveling to Mexico for my surgery was something that I thought about for a while and the pros certainly outweighed the cons.  Cost was a factor, but certainly not the most important.  Considering all the talk about not traveling to Mexico, I decided that CosMed Plastic Surgery Center could not have been in business for as many years if it were not in a safe place.  In addition to safety, trust was another major factor.  I fully trusted Dr. Quiroz; in fact I had the opportunity more than 20 years ago to have him operate on me.  He also did a face lift on my mother and on another occasion a breast lift.  We had remarkable results and these are just a few of the reasons that I decided to use CosMed.

Joyce from CosMed took time to talk with my teenage son about my travels as he had some concerns about me going out of the country.  She explained the process to him, even though she had explained it to me previously.   He was thankful she took the time with him and answered any questions that he had.

When a surgery date was decided upon I began making travel arrangements to fly into the San Diego Airport.  I sent a copy of my itinerary to Joyce and she made arrangements for one of the CosMed personnel to pick us (my mother and I) up at the airport.  Minutes after arriving I received a call from Carla letting me know she would be outside baggage claim.  We met her, and she could not have been a more pleasant person.  We felt completely comfortable with her.  It was a rather quick drive from the San Diego Airport to CosMed, I would estimate about 20 minutes.

Carla took us directly to CosMed for my pre-op visit where I was greeted by some of the friendliest personnel imaginable.  Everyone had smiles and seemed to be genuinely interested in my trip from Florida to Tijuana.   The waiting area was beautiful, just like the pictures on the website.   Within minutes we were greeted by Joyce.  How nice it was to put a face to a voice that I had spoken to many times.  Joyce was wonderful in helping me with details from the beginning until the end.

Becky after her cosmetic surgery at CosMed Clinic in Mexico

Becky after her cosmetic surgery at CosMed Clinic in Mexico

Before I was taken back to an exam room Dr. Quiroz came to the lobby to welcome us personally.  Where else does this happen?  Once in the exam room, Dr. Quiroz came in to talk to me about the procedures I was going to have.  Just as in my phone consultation he made me feel very at ease and again answered any questions that I might have had.  Never did I feel rushed or that he had something else that he would rather be doing.  WOW!!! is all I can say.  Rarely have I experienced this level of comfort in a doctor’s office.  If I could shout from a mountain top I would say “Forget the rest and go directly to the best”.

The next day when I arrived for surgery Claudia took very good care of me.  We did all of the “prep work” and the rest was up to Dr. Quiroz.  After about 7 ½ hours of surgery he was finally finished.  I was a “full day’s work”.  I remained at the surgery center for the night and I honestly do not remember talking to anyone.  My mother and Joyce said I talked to them.  Joyce even called my husband and I said “something”  to him.  I really do not remember.   The next morning I saw Dr.  Quiroz for a post op visit and then I was off to the after care facility.

My choice was the Casa De Lilas facility for aftercare.  Antonio, the owner of Casa De Lilas came to pick me up from CosMed and what a wonderful and sweet person he is.  The facility itself is situated in the mountains and is beautiful.   The rooms were spacious, nicely decorated and the beds quite comfy, in addition there was wireless internet available at no charge.   Antonio and Lupita were so very gracious and more than willing to help me or my mom with anything that we needed.  Antonio even went to town with my mom to purchase my medications and was sweet enough to accompany her to other stores.

The meals provided were nutritious and very tasty.  And when it was time for my medication Antonio would always bring jello or yogurt to help the pills go down.   Lupita was always there to help me bathe or get dressed for the day.

cosmed before and after

(Left) Becky before her trip to CosMed and (Right) Becky’s most recent photo (September 2012)

When the time came for me to transfer to the Lucerna Hotel Lupita came along to make sure we were settled in and again went to the stores with my mom.

If given the opportunity I would recommend this aftercare to anyone needing their service.

All in all, my experience traveling to Mexico, my choice of doctors and my aftercare were all excellent choices.  I would do the entire thing again tomorrow!!!