My Face Lift in Mexico Success Story

The following face lift success story was submitted by a patient of Dr. Carlos Castañeda, plastic surgeon at COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico. Before and After Face lift Surgery in Mexico Today, after her face lift in Mexico "At first, I was going to go to Costa Rica to have [...]

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Here’s your First Look at the Winners of our Weight Loss Success Story Contest!

Its been quite a journey for these three weight loss success stories! All have struggled with their weight, many faced friends and even doctors who were unsympathetic and unsupportive.  One woman was called “fat and lazy” by doctors while another was called "glazed ham" by her teammates. Fortunately, all of these women have an incredible [...]

Melanie’s Journey: How Weight Loss Surgery Changed My Life

Melanie with her husband after having surgery in Mexico, "I have never been happier IN MY LIFE! I have gained years on my life, I have gone hiking, running, wearing a 'normal' seatbelt on a airplane flight- instead of the fat-belt extender, and being active in my kids life!" The following success story [...]

Face Lift Mexico – What to Expect the First few days After Surgery

Sue spent the first few days after her face lift under the care of registered nurses at the Recovery Boutique. She describes her stay as "a pleasant blur of naps, mealtime chats at the Café and amusing myself in my room (pictured here) reading, watching TV and surfing the internet." Submitted by Sue Teague, [...]

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Introducing our Newest Guest Blogger: Is She a bit Like You?

Here's Sue BEFORE her Face Lift with Dr. Quiroz of COSMED Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico. Look for her next blog posts as she shares her experiences (and photos!) of her plastic surgery journey. Submitted by Sue Teague, Retired RN,  CosMed Patient & Guest Blogger Maybe you have thought that cosmetic surgery "is not [...]

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Facial Rejuvenation: Solving the Puzzle on How to Turn Back Time

COSMED's  Team Approach to Beauty & Well-Being helps Solve the Puzzle on How to Turn Back Time with Facial Rejuvenation. Photo 1: Before Surgery   Photo 2: After Face and Neck lift Photo 3: After Dermabrasion, Lip Augmentation and Fat Transfer.  Total Facial Rejuvenation with CosMed took approximately 6 months. Ever since one [...]

Looking the Way You Feel – Plastic Surgery Patient Success Story

Did you see COSMED's patient featured in the Spring 2012 issue of New You magazine? She was featured as one of this month's top 5 Inspired Patient success stories! Here's an except from the article. To see the original printed version, click here. Roberta did her research, but the determining factor actually came from seeing [...]

Plastic Surgery + Dermatology = Incredible Results in Anti-Aging, Facial Rejuvenation

The new VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute in Mexico includes a recovery boutique allowing patients to recover comfortably overnight under the supervision of a registered nurse. There's a new trend in anti-aging that is attracting women, and men alike, from all over the world to an internationally recognized Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery Center in Mexico. Located [...]

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