This Mother / Daughter team from Southern California has been coming to CosMed Clinic for 20+ years

This Mother / Daughter team from Southern California has been coming to CosMed Clinic for 20+ years

The following story was sent to CosMed Clinic by actual patients: a beautiful mother / daughter team who have enhanced their appearances with the help of Dr. Quiroz and Dr. Fuentes for more than 20 years.

About Kris and Kierstin

We hear testimonials all the time about what a great experience a patient has had. However its not often that we hear where the experience exceeded above and beyond consistently for over 20 years for not only a mother and daughter but also the 25+ friends and family they’ve referred along the way.

You may feel this is a bit lengthly but in the 10 minutes it takes you to read this, you’ll not only will be saving yourself days of research and hours of consultations  but  I hope it inspires you to put your trust into one the most respected and talented plastic surgeon teams around.

I easily could start this story with how amazing Dr.Qurioz & Dr. Fuentes are but let’s face it, when it comes to cosmetic surgery in Mexico, safety is a big concern for most –even if the cosmetic surgeons are known to be the best in the world. So let’s get the safety issues out of the way first…

I want you to picture this. You drive (or rent, caravan, etc..) across the border, over a freeway, past three stops, take a right, park in a guarded parking lot, walk across the street and next thing you’re opening the doors into a Beverly Hills experience with a warm receptionist to greet you. Total time from border to door is about 18 minutes. Okay, feeling comfortable so far? As you sit down in this spa like atmosphere start talking to the few others in the waiting room and what you find just may surprise you.

Patients aren’t there because it’s affordable but rather by choice. I met a woman from Bel Air, owned clothing company and said she can afford anyone and Dr. Q is the ONLY one she’ll see.

The facility is impeccable and the personal care is beyond anything I’ve seen in the states (if you’ve noticed the downward spiral in our health care system you’d agree).  After surgery, you’re awaken by only the finest staff pampering you with attention to detail and devoted attentiveness. When ready, you’re transferred into a premium hotel conveniently located near the facility for follow up visits. The entire process seems effortless.

Now let’s have a quick chat on malpractice (as we know how sue obsessed the states are). My advice is to invest more time in finding the right doctor rather than the right attorney. If you’re concerned the moment you walk into a doctor office, you’re choosing the wrong one. Negligent doctors practice in your city, your state and around the world so don’t discriminate solely to when you cross the border.

With 20 years of personal experience and 25 referrals it’s difficult to sum up a few stories but I will do my best. I had a friend, vibrant and stunning but with tired eyes even the best MAC makeup artist couldn’t overcome. She consulted with the top Los Angeles and Newport surgeons that all concurred she needed a blow lift. One night, I introduced her to my mom’s friend (very respected woman in OC) who had a facelift with Dr. Q. Not only did she praise him as if he was her own son but finished with a story in which Dr. Q had surprised her by correcting an imperfection she mentioned that bothered her prior to surgery. Did I mention he did it free of charge? That was all my friend needed to hear to make a consultation with CosMed Clinic in Meixco.

Dr. Qurioz & Dr. Fuentes told her she didn’t need a brow lift, but $100 worth of botox injections around her eyes. No other doctor had said that.

Interesting don’t you think? The results were remarkable. How about another quick example to takeaway? I was dating a very successful plastic surgeon in the states (no name to protect the innocent) and I told him not to take it personally but I would still use my own doctor and to my surprise his reply, “I would to, he does an excellent job”.

I don’t go into detail about the procedures that my mom and I have had. Although we are extremely open and are thrilled to talk about it (feel free to contact CosMed Clinic and request our phone numbers), we have to say (without bragging too much) we don’t look like we’ve had anything done and we like it that way. Trust me, living in Newport Beach, I see the work of bad plastic surgeons everyday but sadly, the patients have no idea. They just keep going in for more because their doctors won’t tell them no either. Speaking of bad jobs, a longtime friend of my mom’s had a $40,000 facelift by one of the best doctors in Arizona that turned out to be a disaster (and no, I didn’t make a mistake on the price tag).  After meeting with the team, she left with tears of joy and relief (we celebrated with cadillac margaritas!) Dr. Quiroz is fixing the doctor’s mistake giving her the beautiful glow she was intended to have (for under $5,500!). Every doctor will have their best work in their portfolio so how do you find their typical results?

You read testimonials like mine that have known their doctor over 20 years and have referred countless satisfied people, one who doesn’t get rewarded in turn for testimonials (put my hand on the bible) but is writing this because she believes in his craft and his passion.

What else can I say but that Dr. Quiroz are Dr. Fuentes are masters in their field, they are true artists. Yes it’s an overused word in the world of plastic surgery but there’s no other way to describe them. While others claim to be, they are the real deal and within five minutes upon introduction, you will agree. Trust in them to change your life and you won’t be disappointed, but rather kicking yourself wondering why it took you so long.

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