October 22-24, 2010 marks the much anticipated NW Weightloss Conference by Healthy Living for a Lifetime.

The conference is geared toward people interested in maintaining or starting a healthy lifestyle or wanting more information on weight loss surgery as an option for living healthy. At the conference, guests will also learn how to maintain weight loss after weight loss surgery, as well as plastic surgery options available.

The goal of the confernce is to empower those seeking weight loss surgery and maintence options with the information they need to make educated choices to maintain a healthy living.


Dr. Quiroz of CosMed Clinic

Dr. Quiroz will be speaking at the 2010 NW Weightloss Conference


Dr. Quiroz of CosMed Clinic is one of only a few prominent, truly International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Licensed in his field in both the US and Mexico. He will be presenting information about cosmetic surgery and after weight loss surgery.  For more information or to register for the event, visit http://nwweightlossconference.com/details.htm