Obesity is one of the biggest health-related problems that Americans constantly struggle with every day. Fortunately, newer ways of getting slimmer have constantly been emerging, and there have been a lot of success stories to go with them. One of those stories is featured on a March 27, 2014 article on the Examiner:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has reportedly lost almost 100 pounds since undergoing lap band surgery last year, called the bariatric procedure “a life-changing decision,” the AP reported March 26.

The previously sedentary Christie said he now works out four days a week and has dramatically improved his health. He said he prefers to get his cardio exercise by riding a stationary bike and is not a fan of weight-lifting.

Gov. Christie underwent lap-band surgery in February 2013 and said he has never felt better.

Gov. Christie, who has been overweight all his life, said the best thing about the lap-band procedure is that he no longer feels the obsessive need to eat. “I’m not nearly as interested in food as I used to be,” he told People.

Gov. Christie is only one among the multitude of people who have experienced and enjoyed the benefits of bariatric surgery. People who undergo the procedure, however, should begin to consider getting after weight loss surgery as things can change pretty quickly.

Weight loss surgery often deals with the stomach in order to convince the patient to eat lesser amounts of food. It has effectively helped people lose weight and decrease the risk of heart attack and diabetes.

Expert After Weight Loss Surgery will Aid in Restoring Confidence

Like Gov. Christie, chef Graham Elliot is another prominent figure who underwent the procedure. After going under the blade in July, 2013, the Master Chef judge has lost 150 pounds. This shows that the effects of the procedure will vary.

However, there is one certainty that comes with weight loss procedures: excess skin. In the realm of weight loss, loose skin is usually not a major issue. Bariatric procedures, however, sheds a lot of fat in a short amount of time. The skin doesn’t have time to adjust, and this leads to loose skin.

Fortunately for people who went through the procedure, there are options that they can get after weight loss surgery in Mexico. Long established practices like CosMed Clinic can remove the excess skin , allowing the patient to be more comfortable with themselves.

Remember: bariatric surgery is a step towards healthy living, and the procedure after it is the icing on a healthy cake!

(Source: Chris Christie calls 100-lb weight loss after bariatric surgery ‘life’changing’, Examiner, March 27, 2014)