What you Need to Know about Today’s Liposuction Procedures

  Which liposuction technique is right for you? After you get the basic facts, contact your Cosmetic Surgeon to confirm the best fit for your body type and weight loss goals. We all know that liposuction can provide some impressive results, making your body instantly slimmer and firmer. But did you know that [...]

After Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico – One Patient’s Story

Recovery After Weight Loss: Patient Success Story During Marika's recovery time in Mexico, she wanted to see the local places that only a resident knows about, so she opted to stay with a local woman recommended by CosMed who took care of her during recovery. "Are there hotels near CosMed Clinic where [...]

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Trends in Non-Surgical Face Lifts and Fillers

Perfect for people in their 30's, 40's and 50's - the Soft Lift is customizable to give you a natural, younger look. The combination of gravity, sun exposure, and years of smiling, chewing and squinting, can take a toll on our faces. As we age, underlying tissues in our faces break down and [...]

Dr. Quiroz talks about Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico on LifeTime TV

Dr. Quiroz on LifeTime TV Tune in to LifeTime Television at 7am - 8am et/pt on December 6, 2010. Or catch the show right here right after it airs! Dr. Quiroz speaks with the hosts of The Balancing Act about cosmetic surgery options in Mexico and how Americans and Canadians are saving thousands [...]