The Battle with Loose Skin after Weight Loss: Michelle’s Story

We’re touched when patients share their personal experience and success stories with us.  It reflects a trust  our patients have in the care they receive at CosMed Clinic.  Thank you Michelle for allowing us to participate in the final steps of achieving your ideal body and sharing your story with others.   Imagine who you can [...]

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Seeing More Scalp than You Prefer? Hair Loss Treatment Options at a Glance.

While medications can slow the effects of hair loss, the results are only short-term with less than 2/3 of men responding to treatment. Hair transplantation offers a safe and permanent solution to male pattern baldness. For millions of men, going bald is a fact of life.   While both men and women tend to lose hair thickness as [...]

Exercise: Every Movement Counts

By CosMed Guest Blogger, Michelle Pearl Every movement counts when it comes to burning calories.  Start off small if you need to.  Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator and soon you'll be burning off the calories you ate for breakfast before you know it! The most important thing to keep in mind is [...]

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Is Organic Necessarily Better?

Contributing author Dr. Alberto de la Fuente García, M.D While concerns over the impact on health and the environment are driving more consumers to buy organic, is the choice to go green necessarily better? Today, more and more consumers are choosing to buy organic making the trend to "go green" mainstream.  While the [...]

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