You may not know it, but men want to look good as much as women do. To do this, they typically log grueling hours in their local gym and buy smart clothes in order to appear more classy and attractive. However, a March 2 article on the Business Insider presents a growing trend among males seeking the road to aesthetic excellence:

“Over the last three to five years, there’s been a huge boom in (sic) men’s aesthetic surgery,” Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon, told Business Insider. “Our practice has seven websites, one exclusively for men, and many of our patients now are male. It’s a very big misconception that all patients are women.”

National trends agree. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012.

Dr. Steinbrech said that men want plastic surgery for two reasons: to look good and stay competitive in the job market. “Men get surgery as a key tool to help them succeed,” he explained. “In a marketplace where looking fit, younger, and more masculine is imperative, the better you look, the better your chances of ascending the corporate ladder.”

The article pointed out that the biggest reasons why men are now opting for plastic surgery is to increase their chances of climbing up the corporate ladder. These reasons have made Tijuana plastic surgery procedures among the more popular medical options that both men and women go through.

Expert Tijuana Plastic Surgery will Help Boost the Self Esteem of Men

Cosmetic procedures are an extremely effective way of altering the patient’s appearance to the one that he or she desires. Procedures such as jaw augmentation and pectoral enhancement help improve the exterior aesthetic appeal of the patient who goes under the knife.

The physical transformation that they go through immediately translates into an internal blossoming. A good body image will usually lead to good self-esteem, which affects the way a person carries himself around others. A person with a considerable amount of self-esteem will eventually lead to better interaction with other people.

Undergoing plastic surgery in Tijuana is one of the better options men can take in order to make the most out of life. Men interested in learning more about available procedures can go to expert practices like CosMed Clinic to learn more information.

(Source: Here’s Why There’s A ‘Huge Boom’ In Men Getting Plastic Surgery, Business Insider, Mrch 2, 2014)