Plastic Surgery FAQ’s


For Emergencies call 911

COSMED hours:
Monday- Friday:
9.00am – 5.00pm


8.30am – 11.30am

COSMED phone numbers:
619. 600 5653
619. 202 4443

From Tijuana
664. 608 6464

COSMED emergency after hours
619. 572 1928

Are your plastic surgeons board certified?

Yes, our surgeons are Board Certified Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Visit our Meet the Staff page to learn more about our medical staff and read Doctor bios.

How can I get a quote?

Please tell us what procedures you would like to have done. Send us pictures of yourself: front, back and profile views so the doctor can do an evaluation. He will then call you for a complementary telephone consultation and we will send you your estimate. You can take the first step by filling out our request for virtual consultation form.

How far in advance should I book my surgery?

You should book your appointment at least 3 weeks in advance. If you need a specific date please book as soon as you have made your decision to ensure we are able to reserve your desired date.

I live several hundred miles away. Am I able to wait until I arrive to have my pre-op consultation?

Many of our patients come from hundreds or thousands of miles away. We have designed a protocol for your convenience. If we have received your pictures and you have discussed your desired procedures through a telephone consultation with doctor, you can wait until the day prior to your surgery to have your in-person pre-op consultation.

Where is the surgery done?

We have our own certified on-site surgical facility where we perform your surgery. We have two, state of the art operating rooms and several recovery beds with a team of professionally trained nurses to serve you.

Will I spend the night after my surgery?

Most surgeries require an overnight stay in our clinic, which is covered in the cost of your procedure. If you are having a minor procedure no overnight stay is required and we give you your post-op instructions in writing. Visit our “What to expect before and after surgery” and “Aftercare” pages for more information.

Are lab test required?

Yes, when you book your appointment we will send you information regarding your required laboratory testing. The results from you lab tests should be sent or faxed to us two weeks prior to your surgery. We will also provide you with information regarding the things you should, or not do, for both before and after your surgery.

I will be flying into the San Diego airport. What transportation options are available to me?

We pride ourselves in making your trip stress free. With much pleasure we will arrange your transportation needs from the airport, train or bus stations to our clinic, also for your return trip home. Click here to learn more about our shuttle service available.

Are there hotels near COSMED where I can stay during m recovery?

Yes, there are several very nice hotels in our area. Our courteous staff will help make your arrangements for you at our discounted rate. We also work with two excellent After Care facilities with a staff well trained to assist and pamper you during your recovery. All meals are included and if you have a special diet just let us know beforehand. Visit our Patient Resources page to learn more about the area and travel options.

What type of anesthesia do the doctors use?

At COSMED all surgeries are assisted by board certified anesthesiologists who study the patient’s health and labs to make ensure the best type of anesthesia is administered. We offer all types of anesthesia, yet what will be administered depends on the type of surgery and most of all, the patient. Please contact us to discuss your specific case and concerns.

Does COSMED have back up Hospitals in case of an Emergency?

Yes, COSMED does have back up hospitals for emergencies. Our doctors have active privileges in top hospitals that are also near the facilities, they are Hospital Angeles and Hospital Excel.

Why have surgery at an out patient facility instead of a hospital?

We believe that it is in our patient’s best interest to perform surgeries in our accredited out patient facility, unless the specific case requires it. Our facility was designed specifically to make our patients feel comfortable and at ease without a hospital ambiance and risks.

Please advise us on what your establishment is doing to ensure our safety.

At COSMED our number one concern is the well being of our patients, therefore we take all the precautions to ensure your safety from the start. All your information (like email address, pictures, etc) is confidential and it is strictly prohibited to share, sell or trade it.

We like to take all our patients in hand and guide them through the surgery process; this includes consultations over the phone and in person, pre and post op care instructions, a shuttle from the United States to our facility and back.Two security guards provide 24 hours surveillance for our facility. We are located in the up scale Zona Rio area which is just minutes away from the border.

We are here to serve you, so if you have further questions, please feel free to email or call us.

Call 619-202-4443 or Request Call Back

For emergencies please call

For Emergencies call 911

COSMED phone numbers:
619. 600 5653
619. 202 4443

From Tijuana
664. 608 6464

Contact your doctor
Dr. Quiroz: 619. 572 1928