Low Carb

Amanda keep her weight down by cutting carbs. Lettuce burgers are her “Go To”!

At COSMED Plastic Surgery Center, we understand that losing a significant amount of weight, either naturally or through bariatric surgery, is just one part of the journey towards achieving long term weight loss and a renewed self-image.

We all know that eating right is a critical part to keeping the weight off. And what works for one weight loss success patient is not always the same as another. That’s why in today’s blog post, we are sharing favorite foods and recipes from our 3 Weight Loss Success Story Winners.

Are you a weight loss success story too? Feel free to leave your own recipe in the comments section of this blog!


Amanda’s Advice: Cut the Carbs!

“I would say that the biggest impact on my weight loss was cutting down on carbs. I know, typical dieter response that makes everyone cringe! At first it was very hard, but when I stopped eating burritos in tortillas (I just eat the filling), sandwiches with bread (now I use lettuce leaves), or burgers with buns (lettuce burgers are my go to) I began to realize how unnecessary the carbs really are. When I cut out those “unnecessary” carbs, I didn’t feel as guilty if I had chips and salsa when I went out to dinner because to me, chips and salsa is necessary—and amazing.

Following that, here is my favorite weight loss recipe for an amazing dip because weight loss does not always mean steamed fish and vegetables (in fact, for me, it was never this—I have too advanced a palate to sustain on such tasteless food, so I had to hunt for low-cal, high protein options!). ”

weight loss

Amanda lost more than 100 pounds after her Lap Band surgery in Mexico. How does she keep the weight off? She looks for creative (and tasty!) low carb, high protein options.

1 avocado, ripe
½ cup low-fat cottage cheese
Salt & pepper, to taste
Pickled jalapenos rings (optional, if you like spice!)
Yellow squash, cut into sliced rounds

1.    Mash the avocado flesh in a bowl and add the cottage cheese.
2.    If desired, chopped several jalapenos (how many is up to you) and mix in. You can also add a splash of the jalapeno juice/brine for more flavor.
3.    Add salt and pepper to taste.
4.    Serve immediately with squash rounds as dippers.

Melanie’s Advice: Try new things!

“My favorite recipe has to be Greek Turkey Meatballs. It has great flavors, and very moist!  I have been experimenting with many different foods, fish, turkey, veggies… Many of them I had never tried before, and discovered that I like them- A LOT!  The internet has been great for finding new low carb recipes or veggie recipes. And I love sharing recipes!  One of my go to Web sites has been  www.skinnytaste.com. Her recipes are so good…. I will sometimes tweak recipes to make them healthier if I can, because I love to cook!! and bake… but I GIVE it all away so that it isn’t in my house!! LOL”

Megan’s Advice – Keep it Simple!

As for Megan, her favorite After Weight Loss food is simple –  Frozen Grapes!
“Since the surgery, I have really enjoyed frozen grapes! They are sweet, cold and crisp!”

Do you have as favorite After Weight Loss recipe to share? Please post on this blog, we’d love to hear it!