If you’re thinking about taking that big proactive step to look more attractive and confident, you might consider getting cosmetic surgery in Mexico as your best solution. However, remember that such procedures should only be performed by medical professionals trained and certified in cosmetic surgery; to settle for anything less, or to skip the vetting process is asking for trouble. After all, you wouldn’t want to regret something that could no longer be completely restored. Take the necessary precaution s before you plunge into ta game plan that could change your life. Here are critical issues to look for:

Plastic SurgeonCertification

Your prospective doctor should be a licensed medical practitioner, and certified by their local board of plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to confirm his/her medical degree. Plastic surgery demands a more in-depth and specialised study in the field. Unless the doctor is board-certified in his field, walk away and find a professional l who is certified to practice his or her specialization.

Familiarity with Procedure

There is a reason why cosmetic surgeons like those in CosMed explain the latest techniques and procedures that they employ in their clinic. For one, few clinics have caught up with techniques and technology already introduced in the industry. For another, a board certified plastic surgeon presupposes mastery of technique and integration of academic knowledge from years of experience. And performing many procedures. Don’t be tempted to settle for the first name on the list.


About.com states that you should also ask your cosmetic surgeon about where the treatment will take place:

Some procedures are performed in a hospital, others in an outpatient ambulatory center, and still others are routinely performed as in-office procedures. The complexity of your procedure, as well as any health issues specific to your case (your age, overall health, etc.), should be considered when determining where it would be best for your surgery to take place.


Every medical procedure inherently runs the risk of complications; even routine ones cannot be discounted. An experienced plastic surgeon should explain these risks, and help you weigh the pros and cons. Stay away from those who would claim their techniques have no risks.

Whether you’re having a breast surgery procedure or tummy tuck in Mexico, always do your due diligence before giving yourself the green light. When you are satisfied that your doctor’s treatment and surgical facilities meet high industry standards, you can feel more assured to get the results you want with safety being the first priority.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 11 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon, About.com)