Now you can have the abs of your dreams without wasting countless hours at the gym

Now you can have “washboard abs” without spending years in the gym or adhering to strict diets. CosMed’s abdominal etching procedure takes less than 2 hours and the results are an amazing, head-turning 6 pack. And the cost? At CosMed, you’ll pay one-third the regular U.S. price!

Most guys covet washboard abs (and most women do too!) but who can devote the time, energy and effort required to develop a six pack the old fashioned way? Most men who have six pack abs spend hours and hours at the gym performing thousands of crunches and go on strict diets designed to remove the remaining thin layer of fat that prevents abs from showing through.

Thanks to revolutionary new surgical techniques, you can now have that ripped look you’ve always dreamed of having in less than 2 hours!

Is it Safe and Will it Hurt?

Our latest research indicates that past patients have an 86% satisfaction rate, but our male Plastic Surgery Board Certified specialist, Dr Castaneda, has a 95% satisfaction rate overall! The short  surgery uses regional and IV sedation vs general anesthesia, which minimizes pain.

abdominal etching before and after

Actual patient of Dr. Castaneda










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Dr. Carlos E. dr. CastañedaCastañeda, M.D. is  a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon experienced in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at CosMed.  Dr. Castañeda graduated at the top of his class from the University of Baja California and is board certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (CMCPER) and is a member of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER)