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The new VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute in Mexico includes a recovery boutique allowing patients to recover comfortably overnight under the supervision of a registered nurse.

There’s a new trend in anti-aging that is attracting women, and men alike, from all over the world to an internationally recognized Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery Center in Mexico. Located just minutes from San Diego in the upscale area of Tijuana,  board certified plastic surgeons are working hand-in-hand with experts in dermatology at the CosMed Plastic Surgery Center within the new VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute. The collaboration is giving doctors the ability offer patients complete packages in facial rejuvenation.

This combination in expertise, all under one roof,  is producing incredible results. Plus, the new recovery boutique, which is also located within the VIDA wellness and beauty institute, allows patients to recover comfortably overnight under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Each Facial Rejuvenation “Package” at CosMed is customize to the patient’s individual needs. In the case of the following success story, the package included a Facelift, Neck lift, Brow Lift,  as well as dermabrasion and fraxel.

Patient Success Story:
The following story was submitted by a recent patient of CosMed Plastic Surgery Center at the VIDA Wellness and Beauty Institute.

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Integrated Medicine: Combining Plastic Surgery with Dermatology for a complete package in Facial Rejuvenation.

“For several years I have dreamed of getting a face lift and thought I would try to aim for my 60th birthday. I ‘m a Cosmetologist Instructor and work with beautiful young women and men every day. We are surrounded with mirrors, and being a woman, I’m always checking to see if I look OK. Many times I would just look away disappointed, thinking about how nice it would be if I just didn’t have all those wrinkles! Like every other women over 40, I too, have placed my hands on my face and pulled the skin back like a very tight ponytail and wished I could look younger. I’m very energetic and just wished I could look as young as I feel. Since I am single and really don’t have a lot of money, I thought it would never happen for me….only wealthy people can afford to get facelifts.

I started researching and discovered that one of my former students, her mother and her grandmother all had some form of plastic surgery done in Tijuana, Mexico at Cosmed Clinic over a period of 20 years. Dr Quiroz has beautified all three generations! Now that was a recommendation! PLUS, I was told I could get a 10% discount by just going to their Facebook page and clicking “like”. I knew after I counted all my pennies, I would have just enough to pay the full amount before the end of the month. I was so excited and decided to keep it a secret even from my family until the last minute.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see if I could actually do it for myself. Then after a short consultation on the phone, I decided I wanted to see the facility and meet the doctor face to face. Accompanied by my student’s mother, I was able to make an appointment and we made our short journey from San Diego into Tijuana. It was so easy to find the clinic and we were all set. I found the Doctor Alejandro Quiroz to be tremendously personable and easy to trust. And after talking with Joyce, I was convinced I had made the right decision. So we booked the date, not realizing the surprise that was ahead for me.

The months seemed to drag by, but finally September came and I took off work for 3 weeks. It just happened that after several years, a dream was also coming true for the doctors and staff at Cosmed Clinic. Their brand new state of the art facility was ready and they were moving in at last. So I was one of the very first people to have surgery and spend the night there. How exciting to see it all come together bit by bit and be a part of their success story too.

Returning to work was a bit scary since I was still quite swollen and out of sorts. I felt very self conscious and really didn’t want people to see me yet. But when I arrived at the school, I got nothing but encouragement and supportive comments. It was wonderful. Almost every day someone tells me how much better I look or that I look 20 years younger. People even say I’m gorgeous! Who doesn’t want to hear that??? Well, to be honest, I had a hard time getting used to my new look, but now after 8 weeks, I am starting to feel at home and happy with myself.
The first time my daughter saw me 3 weeks after surgery, she broke out crying and said, “I want the face of my beloved mother back!”…but happily, I can now report that the last time I saw her she told me I looked great!

The “before picture” is how I looked a couple of months ago when I first got up in the morning. I am rather good at putting on makeup, but WOW, now I can wear less and still look nice. Some of my good friends have told me that I just look so good…and after I tell them I had a facelift, they are surprised! They say I just look so refreshed and bright. So I’ve decided not to mention it and just take the compliments and say a big “thank you” under my breath for Dr. Quiroz and his staff for doing such a great job!

My dream finally came true 7 years later than I had hoped, but it is one of the most life-changing birthday presents I’ve ever received! You do the math and you be the judge! I think this is definitely a success story that needed to be told. Thank you for clicking “like.””


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