Non-Surgical Anti-Aging and Beauty Procedures

Life can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean it has to exercise its damage on us. Our face and our body, for instance, don’t have to show the unpleasant effects of the years and the other external factors. COSMED is dedicated to helping you put your best self forward through non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Designed to restore your youthful look and glow, our solutions will help you see that, though life may not always be a ray of sunshine, we can still be as radiant as we want to be.

Full Suite of Safe and Professional Solutions

Before and After Dermablate Laser

We offer a full suite of non-surgical procedures for both men and women that come with all the benefits of anti-aging and beauty treatments, in as short a time as just one sitting. With our services, you can rejuvenate your skin, renew your face, and revive your happiness in life. These are:

Peels (COSMED Signature Peels)
Fraxel Restore
Vascular laser
Soft Lift
Visia Skin Analysis
Co2 Laser
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal
Cool Shaping

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We understand the faith that you put in our team and our services, and we honor that trust by ensuring the safety of each of these services. Our practice uses products that have established their credibility and effectiveness in the industry. We also use medical-grade technology in their applications to assure you of long-lasting and satisfactory results.

Solutions That Are Tailor-Made To Your Needs

CosMed Clinic knows that non-surgical cosmetic procedures offer a lot of rewards for people; we will make sure that you harness the full potential of our offered medical services by creating solutions that are tailor-made exactly for you. This will help you save your time, money, and other resources, as well as find greater joy from the outcome.

Board-certified Team of Surgeons

Each patient that comes to us for help can look forward to working with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. Our team of specialists features extensive experience in their respective fields; you are safe in the knowledge of entrusting your face and body to people who know how to improve them.

Other Services

Aside from our non-surgical procedures, we also provide high-quality cosmetic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, and have assisted clients from all over the US and Canada. Get in touch with us through our toll-free number at 1-877-235-1968 for more information about scheduling a safe, discrete, and free virtual consultation. We will be pleased to aid you in enhancing and maintaining your beauty in every stage of your life.