A look at Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation Approaches

Contributed by CosMed Clinic Dermatologist, Dr. de la Fuente, M.D. Although there are differences between young and aged skin with respect to the condition of the epidermis, dermal collagen is the most important factor in whether the skin appears to be young or old. The quest for youth and beauty is an ongoing [...]

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Tell a friend! Get your skin checked before you head into the sun this summer. In support of Skin Cancer Awareness month, CosMed Clinic is offering complementary Digital Complexion Analysis for the face with the Visia system. CosMed Clinic's Digital Complexion Analysis is performed by a board certified dermatologist (not a technician!) who [...]

In the Battle of the Bulge-Exercise Your Right to Lose Weight

By Michelle Pearl, CosMed Clinic's Guest Blogger The truth is that exercise and I did not start out as such fast friends. When you are an obese kid, you immediately dislike most physical, “sports-like” activities innately. Being the fat kid brings on a whole fresh set of humiliations when you are always the last one [...]

Thanks to Stem Cells, today’s Fat Transfer procedures create Smoother, more Beautiful Curves

Dr. Quiroz is one of only a few truly international plastic and reconstructive surgeons, licensed in both the US and Mexico who can perform these new innovative procedures. According to New You magazine, "Transferring fat to the breasts, buttocks and face continues to gain momentum as one of the best methods to bring [...]

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Introducing our Newest Guest Blogger! Michelle Pearl: Weight Loss and Fitness Expert

  Michelle Pearl is the author of "Wake Up, You Are Probably Never Going to Look Like That; How to be Happier, Healthier and Imperfectly Fit" We are so excited to introduce  our newest guest blogger, Michelle Pearl: Fitness Professional, Author and CosMed Patient.  You'll find her monthly blog posts about weight loss [...]

How the Signs of Aging and Weight Gain are affecting your Career

First Impressions Make a Difference. The job applicants who look young, fit and confident have an advantage in today's competitive job market. It’s unfair. It’s illegal. But the fact is, your looks can play a critical factor in your ability to get hired or get promoted-- especially in today’s job market where the [...]

Dr. Quiroz talks about Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico on LifeTime TV

Dr. Quiroz on LifeTime TV Tune in to LifeTime Television at 7am - 8am et/pt on December 6, 2010. Or catch the show right here right after it airs! Dr. Quiroz speaks with the hosts of The Balancing Act about cosmetic surgery options in Mexico and how Americans and Canadians are saving thousands [...]