Feeling Red? You might have Rosacea

There are a number of ways that dermatologists treat rosacea depending on the appearance and severity of the condition. Are you concerned about the persistent reddening of your face? You may be suffering from a skin condition known as rosacea. Rosacea presents itself in a number of ways, most commonly making the face [...]

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More Accurate Diagnosis of Melanoma with CosMed’s Advanced Skin Cancer Screening Technique

Complimentary Skin Evaluations in May Because May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, CosMed is offering complimentary skin evaluations for suspicious lesions and moles throughout the month using the latest technology.  We are also teaching our patients how to perform a skin self exam, which is especially important for those with a history of skin cancer [...]

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New Trends in Non Invasive Treatments and Anti-Aging for 2012

By Dr. Alberto de la Fuente  I just returned from the 2012 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. At the event, some new promissory treatments and technologies were introduced. Some of them show really nice results on the short term, while others lack long term benefits. As a safety and ethical policy to our CosMed [...]

The Thermage Experience: A Non-surgical Way to Improve your Skin

Interested in having a more attractive body for your next vacation?  Call 1-877-235-1968 By Dr. de la Fuente, CosMed Dermatologist Thermage, a safe and simple non-surgical procedure, can reduce the appearance of aging and sagging skin by applying radiofrequency energy to the skin. In the past, surgeries such as face lifts, liposuction, and [...]

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True Sunscreen Secrets from the Experts (taken from the American Academy of Dermatology)

Even so-called "water-resistant" sunscreens may lose their effectiveness after 40 minutes in the water. Sunscreens rub off as well as wash off, so if you've towel-dried, reapply sunscreen for continued protection. Who needs sunscreens? Everyone! More than 2 million nonmelanoma skin cancers are diagnosed annually. Many studies have found an association between sunburns [...]

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