How the Signs of Aging and Weight Gain are affecting your Career

First Impressions Make a Difference. The job applicants who look young, fit and confident have an advantage in today's competitive job market. It’s unfair. It’s illegal. But the fact is, your looks can play a critical factor in your ability to get hired or get promoted-- especially in today’s job market where the [...]

How to find the right Plastic Surgeon

With all the information available online, finding the right cosmetic surgeon can be confusing. Always check a doctor's credentials and make sure they are part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons before booking your appointment. Any individual can claim to be a doctor, cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon. You should make it [...]

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What you Need to Know about Today’s Liposuction Procedures

  Which liposuction technique is right for you? After you get the basic facts, contact your Cosmetic Surgeon to confirm the best fit for your body type and weight loss goals. We all know that liposuction can provide some impressive results, making your body instantly slimmer and firmer. But did you know that [...]

What’s it really like to have After Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico?

Marika is a real CosMed Clinic patient who is so pleased with the results of her after weight loss surgery, that she started a blog about her experiences of having the surgery in Mexico. Follow along as she shares her very personal story.

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