Even at the busiest times, crossing south into Mexico is usually a fairly quick experience that only takes a few minutes. However, anyone who has traveled across the San Diego / Tijuana border is aware of the nightmare it is to cross back to the U.S. Both pedestrian and car lanes are long with a ridiculous wait time. Fortunately, a medical tourism lane is now available. The new lane is saving patients coming to Mexico for plastic surgery hours in border wait time. As a person who has tested the lane several times, rest assured that the wait time is no less than 5 minutes.


The hassle of finding a qualified surgeon is strenuous enough, let alone having cosmetic surgery in another country. At Cosmed we understand your concerns. Therefore, we facilitate the journey as much as we can. On the day of your surgery, we will pick you up and drive you across the border through the medical lane –a 5 minute wait time! Take a look below at a short clip we filmed while crossing through the medical lane.






At Cosmed we are with you every step of the way!



According to an article posted on the Angeles Health web site, “A van transporting medical tourists from Las Vegas was the first vehicle to go through the new medical tourism lane in a special inaugural run that was held at noon on April 29 2012. An employee with Mexicali’s tourism board stationed at the border crossing took away the orange cones in front of the designated lane when the van pulled up, and then opened a yellow gate to let the van pass. As the medical lane was empty, the van rushed past the bumper-to-bumper traffic stuck in the two regular lanes.

Towards the end of the special lane, the medical tourists waited approximately 20 minutes to be inspected by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent.
“Unbelievable,” said Walt Michaels, a 62-year old patient on board the first vehicle who was going back to Las Vegas after seeing an eye doctor in Mexicali. “We just saved ourselves three hours.” See the full story here.