Losing weight is a great achievement, not only for health reasons but for your appearance as well. However, your sense of elation may be tempered by the fact that unsightly excess skin is now present where fat once was. To resolve this dilemma, many people get a tummy tuck, a procedure that removes the dangling skin to flatten their abdomen.

Even better, recent research shows that a tummy tuck not only gives you a flat stomach, it can also keep off the pounds when done in conjunction with other weight-loss procedures. The Wall Street Journal writes:

“A study in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Swiss researchers found that bariatric patients who have surgery to remove excess skin are more likely to keep weight off after procedures, regaining an average of just over 1 pound a year compared with 4 pounds annually for bariatric patients who didn’t have contouring procedures.

These surgeries can produce “a second wave of elation” that helps a patient stay on track to lose more weight, says Tripp Holton, assistant professor of plastic surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.”

What’s more, this procedure is becoming more affordable, thanks to the advent of medical tourism. For example, a tummy tuck in Mexico costs much less than it would stateside, making it a popular option for Americans. Before you head south of the border though, make sure you say “Adios!” to these misconceptions first:

It’s a weight loss procedure.

As the article noted, tummy tucks can help keep off the pounds but it is not a weight loss procedure per se. Rather, it’s a reconstructive surgery done on the abdomen when excess weight or pregnancy causes the skin to lose elasticity, thereby leading to flabby skin.

It’s only for women.

Cosmetic surgery is forever linked with the ‘fairer gender’ in many people’s minds, but the truth is many procedures done on women are done on men, too—including tummy tucks. Remember, men can also lose much weight, which can result in excess skin.

It’s a minor surgery.

If you think tummy tucks are as quick as getting Botox, think again. The procedure is classified as a major surgery and you’ll need anywhere from a week to a month to recover from it. When you get cosmetic surgery in Mexico, the expertise of your doctors also plays a factor in recovery time so make sure to consult only trusted cosmetic treatment clinics such as CosMed.


(Article Information and Image from Not Just Vanity: Tummy Tucks That Heal, The Wall Street Journal, October 14, 2013)